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Today we are going to give you “You Can Win PDF Book Free Download (Download You can Win PDF)” written by Shiv Khera Ji. All of you must read this book. If you are under 18 years of age, then you should definitely read this book. This book can be a book to change your life. If all of you have not read it yet, then I am providing “You Can Win” PDF Book to all of you, which you can easily read in your phone and computer.

About You Can Win PDF By Shiv Khera

The beginning of his life was very modest, but his upbringing was very good. His father had coal mining, which you can also call coal mine. Later, she came under the coal mine government, after which the economic condition of her family became even more serious. After this, the struggle in Shiv Khera Ji’s life increased very much. The work that he started, he did not do any big work but he started working from a small level. Even after that, there was a lot of struggle in his life. He later opted for sales work, but he later felt that he would not be able to get sales, this is a very difficult task. His boss also used to pressurize him. After this, he decided that he has to do something in life so that he can live his life freely. He then learned about a lot of things and gained experience. You will know about it only after reading this book. He describes all of his experiences in the book “You Can Win” (You Can Win PDF Free Download) very well. This was about Shiva Khera. But what you and we can learn from this book, we must also know about it.

What can you learn from the “You Can Win PDF” book?

Whenever you read a book, you definitely learn something from that book. In the same way, when you read this book, you will get to learn many new things. I have extracted some important things from this book for all of you, which you all must learn.


First of all you should learn “Learning”. In this, you should make a habit of reading anything and any book. You will always learn something new from it, it makes a huge difference in your life. The more successful people you read about, then you will know that they are still fond of reading. He is always reading new books. Therefore, you should always learn. This will always add some new experiences to you. Whether you read a business book, read a novel or you read a story, you will get to learn a lot from it. Just like if you want to start a business, then you read the business book, by this you will know how to make a small business grow and what mistakes should not be made in them. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Consistent Focus

You become successful only when you achieve the goal you have set. When Guru Dronacharya asked his disciples, what do you see on the tree? Then all the disciples speak, they see leaves, branches, incisions etc. on the tree. But when the Guru asks his disciple Arjuna, he says that only the eye of the incisions is visible. The goal was to penetrate all the disciples. Likewise, when you are looking for a goal, then you just keep your focus on your goal. As you deviate from your goal, you will move further away from your goal. Therefore, you should always focus on your goals in your life, only then you can win (You Can Win PDF Free Download).

Keep Yourself Busy

It is most important that you keep yourself busy all the time, it has been said that “empty mind is the house of the devil”. In the same way when you are busy, you are always happy, but as soon as you are empty, you start to have a lot of bad habits. You will gamble in your free time, drink alcohol, waste your time on your phone, so keep yourself busy in the right things. You will always be happy with this, all your work will be done at the right time and you will not get used to any bad thing. So never sit empty and don’t let your children sit empty. If your children remain empty, then they surely take care of wrong company or wrong things, which in the future becomes the biggest problem for them.

Bread and Butter

This makes us understand one thing, the way we treat others, it happens to us as well. Therefore, you should never be dishonest with anyone, nor should anyone cheat on anyone.

Internal Motivation

It is most important for you that, until you will not be motivated, your mind will not be able to do any work. Many people watch a lot of videos for motivation. Many times you watch or listen to a motivational video, you are motivate by watching it. But you can demotivate after some time or after a few days. Whenever you do any work, you always see that the work you have finished, has you got satisfaction from it? If you get satisfaction, you are the motivate to do your next job. Therefore, do not ever get caught in an external motivation. You should always see if you are getting satisfaction from the work you are doing.

You Can Win PDF Download

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You Can Win PDF Book Conclusion

We told you in detail about the “You Can Win” book and told you about what you will learn in it. But if you want to know in detail, then you have to read this book. For this I have also made available “You Can Win” Pdf for all of you. Read more: If you feel that your life has no value, no importance, then you must read this You Can Win PDF book once. After reading it, it will change your life and will teach you the art of living. This is one of the most important parts and books for your life, which is very important for all of you to know.

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