What is Online Shopping in Simple Words – Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Online Shopping in Simple Words – Advantages and Disadvantages

Hello friends, welcome to all of you on this article today, today I am going to tell you all about online shopping.

All of you have heard about online shopping often, and if you are present on this blog then you will definitely know about online shopping or you will want to know more about it.

Today I am going to tell you about online shopping in full detail, what is online shopping? What can we all buy through online shopping? What are the benefits of shopping online? How to do online shopping?

Today we will be able to know closely all the activities happening during online shopping. For the complete information of online shopping, all of you have to be connected with this blog. You can get complete information about Online Shopping by reading it completely.

What is Online Shopping?

Friends, in the rush life of today, we hardly get time for ourselves and surely you would like to use this time for yourself better, rather than going to the market for the buy goods we need from ourselves .

In view of all these difficulties, many big companies have brought the concept of online shopping to the market, so that all of us can easily buy the goods we need online sitting at home.

This whole process in which all of us can buy goods of our need through our smart phone sitting at home, it has been named as Online Shopping.

What can you buy from Online Shopping?

Through online shopping, now we can buy almost all types of products very easily.

To do online shopping, you should understand so much that whatever you can think of buying in your mind, that thing will be available to you online.

These products include:

Television, Smartphone, Refrigerator, Guitar, Laptop, Soap, Detergent, Car Spare Parts, Bike Parts, Furniture, books, Camera, Luggage Bags etc. This list is a never ending list.

Benefits of Online Shopping ?

There are many benefits of shopping online, let’s talk about some benefits.

All of you can buy any product of your choice sitting at home without any rush.

Often you all go to a shopkeeper, then tries to force you to buy a product made by the owner of that shop. But through online shopping, you can buy only your favorite things.

Through shopping online , all of us save precious time.

You can do 24 * 7 online shopping at any time all day, which is definitely not possible in offline shopping.

In online shopping, we all get the option to select the price range of products.

Through online shopping, we can also save our money in many ways. (I will talk about this in the next blog in more detail)

Which website would be better for online shopping?

For online shopping, you get many big e-commerce websites, such as: –

And you can also do shopping online from that website by searching the Best E-commerce Websites in India in Google Chrome Browser according to your needs.

Keep in mind one thing, always shop from the Trusted website. If you feel that this website is new, then you should choose the Cash on Delivery option.

How to do online shopping?

If you follow the steps given below to shop online through the Internet, then you can get a home delivery online by searching for a better product in a very short time.

Step 1

Describe your product on Google Browser.

After opening Google Browser, you have to give information about your product like – “Apple Smart Watches for men”.

Step 2

Search your product on Google Browser.

When the web page opens, you will see many online shopping website list 2020. Search the product of your choice from all these websites list.

Step 3

Go to the website of your choice from Google Browser.

On getting the product of your choice, you can get redirected to that website.

Step 4

Click on Add to Cart or Buy Now.

After opening the website, you click on the option to Add to Cart or Buy Now, after that you will be redirected to the payment page.

Step 5

Select Payment Mode.

If you have an account on that website after selecting the payment mode of your choice, then surely your booking will be accepted otherwise you will be sent to the Create Account Page first.

The process of creating an account is very easy in which you can get your account activated by just giving some important details (Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Home Address etc.). So that you can resume your booking.

Step 6

Delivery At Home

After selecting the payment mode, the booking of your product will be accepted and will be delivered to your home within Estimated Delivery Time (4 to 25 Business Days).

How to make payment while shopping through Online Shopping?

On all these online websites, there are many ways of making payment available. All of your needs and those that can be done easily. Through that you can pay for your product.

And if you are all doing online shopping for the first time and you are hesitating to pay online, then you also get an option of Pay on Delivery. In which, when your product is delivered at your home, only then you will have to pay for it.

Some easy ways that you can make online payment. That is:

  1. Debit Cards
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Net Banking
  4. Pay On Delivery
  5. EMI (Equated Monthly Installments)

Yes friends, all of you can also pay through EMI of your goods, so that if you are not able to complete payment while shopping, then you can pay it through EMI also.

What to do when you get a defective item from Online Shopping?

If you do not find any product in good condition during shopping online , then you can send a request to ex-change that product.

Soon you will be introduced to the Customer Care Support of the website from whom you have purchased. So that you have to clearly share the information about the problems facing the defective item. So that it can start further Refund or Exchange Process.

And before you do online shopping, you must read the Return or Refund Policy completely, because there are some products that it is not possible to return. For this reason, it is better to be upset later that you understand everything beforehand.

How to avoid Online Shopping Fraud?

You should shop very cautiously while doing online shopping, because you may have to face a side effect due to only a few mistakes.

To avoid all these Frauds, you should only do online shopping from websites with Big Names and Big Brands.

Before shopping online, you must definitely check the website from where you are going to shop, and check the customer reviews of that product once, so that you will get the complete reality of that product.

How to get discount during shopping online ?

Before shopping online, you must know about discounts. So that all of you can get some discount from the original MRP (Maximum Retail Price) of your product.

Often new offers are updated almost daily by big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, by taking advantage of which you can get all your desired products at low prices.

What is an Amazon.com Online Shopping website?

Amazon.com is a very good and Genuine website for doing US based shopping online.

Through this website, all of us can buy products online regardless of your mind.

The Amazon.com Website is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world, whose service and customer care support is excellent.

The customer base of this website is also very large. And shopping of crores from this website is done everyday by the general public all over the world.

Hope you all liked our post that was about Online Shopping, and you all got to learn a lot through this article.

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