What does Bestie Mean? Bestie Definition & Meaning

Nowadays the word bestie is very much in trend, So What does Bestie Mean? Bestie Definition & Meaning. You must have read this word or heard many people saying bestie. People also use this word on social media etc. But do you know the Hindi meaning of bestie? Today we are going to tell you about Bestie Meaning only.

What is the meaning of bestie?

Bestie word means best friend. People use this word for their closest friend.

Everyone has friends. Nowadays, this word is most popular in friendship. Everyone calls their best friend as bestie.

It is a romantic name so everyone likes to use this name. If you also have a true friend, then you can also call him a bestie.

Who is best friend? Meaning of bestie

Best friend or bestie is the one who is your true and most special friend. With whom you can share your every sentiment or whom you trust the most. That is the best friend.

You can use the word bestie for your true, close, special and best friend.

Bestie Meaning

Best friend, close friend, special friend, true friend.

Bestie Meaning In English

Best friend, Close friend, Faithful Colleague

Friend, partner, colleague or loved one are synonyms and synonyms of bestie.

If you have a friend who is close to your heart as well as dear, then you can call him as bestie.


In this article we learned about Bestie Meaning. Here you must have found a beautiful name for your best friend and also the meaning of the name. We hope that you will enjoy this information.

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FAQ Question

➡Who is the bestie?

This bestie word is used for best friend. It can be said that the friend who is very close in your life, you can use this word for that friend. This word is a very cute word in friendship and this word is being used a lot at present.

➡Who is Your Bestie?

If someone asks you Who is Your Bestie? So that means who is your best friend?

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