Bihar Viral Boy Social Media Star Sonu Biography, Age, IAS Dream

If you have come to read about the biography of the popular Sonu Kumar of Bihar, then you have come to the right place, through this article you will be told the biography of Sonu Kumar, a resident of Nalanda district of Bihar.

Who is Viral Boy Sonu Kumar?

Sonu Kumar is an 11-year-old child, whose recent request was made to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to study, that video went viral on social media overnight and Sonu became popular all over India today.

According to the information, it has been learned that Sonu teaches tuition to 30 children in a small village of Nalanda district, it is not a common practice to teach 30 children at the age of just 11.

How did Sonu of Bihar become popular?

Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar was coming to his village for some work, Sonu attended the same program and said “Sir, listen, I have to study, please help”. Immediately after that, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar decided to get Sonu admitted in a good school.

Sonu’s family is financially weak

Sonu, a resident of Nalanda, Bihar, comes from a poor family. He is the eldest son of his parents, who is responsible for building his career at home as well as his further career. In this way, Sonu also teaches tuition to the children of younger class.

Sonu’s father used to consume alcohol

The reason for Sonu’s poverty is his father, because even after the prohibition of liquor in Bihar, he is always drunk and does not understand his responsibility. Because of this, Sonu is not able to get a good education, he is forced to be taught in a government school and you must have understood the education of government school in Bihar.

Some Information of Viral Boy Sonu

NameSonu Kumar
Date of birth1/1/2011
PlaceNalanda (Bihar)
School NameGovernment school
EducationClass 6
HobbiesStudy IAS
Original languageHindi, Bhojpuri

Sonu Sood helped Sonu

After Sonu’s video with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar went viral, Bihar’s famous and popular journalist Manish Kashyap did an interview with Sonu And especially had helped the people of Bihar a lot, Sonu Sood did something similar this time too, due to which he has only come in trending.

As soon as Sonu Sood came to know about Sonu living in Nalanda district of Bihar, he immediately took action and with his help got Sonu enrolled in Ideal International Public School, Bihta, an international school in Patna and at the same time he also did hostel. Made the arrangement absolutely free, now Sonu will not have to face any kind of problem in further studies.

Sonu Sood made this information on his official Twitter page, wrote in a tweet Sonu has tied the bag of Sonu’s full brother school, his complete education and hostel arrangements have been made.

What did Tej Pratap say to Sonu?

When RJD leader Lalu’s son Tej Pratap Yadav talked to Sonu, Tej Pratap asked Sonu what will you become when you grow up, then Sonu’s answer came, I will grow up to become an IAS officer and serve my country.

After that Tej Pratap Yadav said that with hard work and dedication, become an IAS and you work for me, till you grow up, my government will come to Bihar, after that Sonu’s answer came that “We will not work under anyone. This thing said by Sonu is spreading rapidly on social media and is getting a lot of headlines.

FAQ About Viral Boy Sonu

➡In which class does Sonu study?

Class 6

➡What does Sonu’s father do?

Common man (labourer)

➡From whom did Sonu first ask for help?

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

➡Where did Sonu Sood get Sonu’s admission?

Patna International School

➡How much money does Sonu earn now?

Sonu takes a little more money by teaching children up to class 5.

➡Where does Viral Boy Sonu live?

Sonu Kumar is a resident of Nalanda district of Bihar.

➡How old is Sonu?

Viral Boy Sonu’s age is 11 years.

➡In which school did Sonu get admission?

Sonu got admission in Ideal International Public School BIHTA (Patna).

➡What does Sonu of Bihar do?

Sonu is 11 years old child now, he studies now.

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