Add Me To Search Google: How To Add Yourself To Google Search

Add Me To Search Google: How To Add Yourself To Google Search: Everyone wants that when his name is searched on Google, then his photo came in Google search and together came information related to his work, but so far it is only famous person like film stars, CEO of big companies, businessman like People’s information comes in Google search. But now everything is about to change. Because Google launch ‘Add me to search’ feature in India, with the help of this, anyone can submit information about themselves on Google.

We are going to get the same information here, what is “Add me to search”? And how can you submit information about yourself to Google? Not only this, you will also get information about its benefits.

What is Add me to search Google?

You all must have seen the visiting card, it contains the main information about a company or person, such as its name, contact details and information about its work. In the same way, Google India has launched a new feature called People Card and with its help anyone can submit information about themselves on Google, and it looks exactly like the same visiting card.

For example, if you search on Google on the name of a person listed on Wikipedia, then the information about it looks the way on Google. For example, if you search Sundar Pichai’s name on Google, you will also see an information box on the side.

Through Google Add me to search, you will also be able to submit a similar profile to Google. In which you will have your name about you, there will be social media links, there will be website link and some information, and after submitting it with a photo, you can also save it and watch it.

How to create your Google People Card?

If you want to submit information about yourself to Google and make your own “People Card”, then with the help of the step by step guide mentioned here, you can do it on mobile very easily. Because it is only for mobile users.

You have to pay attention that you can use this feature only on mobile and you must login your Gmail.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome

Step 2. Now type ‘add me to search’ in the search box and search.

Step 3. There is a button named “Get Started”, click on it.

Step 4. Here your photo and name will come from direct Gmail.

Step 5. Write a little information about your work here.

Step 6. Link your social media profile.

Step 7. Verify your phone number

Step 8. Save the card.

If you are still having problems then you can watch this video.

In this way you can create your “Google People Card” and submit it. You can see its preview and if approved by Google, it will always be visible to everyone. When someone searches your name on Google, he will see your People card.

Benefits of Google People Card?

A lot of people have a question as to what is the benefit of the People card? Especially those people who do not know about its features. You can guess its benefits from that there are more than 7 billion people in the world, but information about a few people appears in Google search. In such a situation, if someone searches your name and gets to see your photo, then it will increase your brand reputation.

  • This will increase your brand reputation.
  • Like big influencers, your profile also will appear on Google.
  • Information about you with your name will appear on the Internet.
  • Your social media followers will increase.
  • Traffic to your website will increase.

Friends, hope you all understand what is Add me to Search Google ? And how can you submit your profile on Google People Card? And together we have also learned about some important benefits of People card. You must see the video guide given here once, which will help you to get information about it. And if you have a question, then you must tell in the comment.

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