20+ YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts that are useful for every user

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts: YouTube’s 20+ Keyboard Shortcuts that are useful for every user, 30+ YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts That Are Useful For Everyone.

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing social media platform and almost all of us use it. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about 20+ YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts, using which you can use YouTube more easily. Your work will become very easy by using these YouTube Shortcuts.

You must know how easy the work becomes with the help of keyboard shortcuts, the work of many hours is done in minutes.

Although there are many keyboard shortcuts, but YouTube has different YouTube keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts can save you time navigating YouTube. YouTube keyboard shortcuts.

30+ YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts That Are Useful For Everyone

Let us tell you that all these youtube keyboard shortcuts are taken from the official website of YouTube and are completely 100% working, you can test and see.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts are divided into 4 categories, which are as follows.

  • Playback
  • General
  • Subtitles and Closed Captions
  • Spherical Videos

Let us now know about all these in detail,

1. YouTube Playback Shortcuts

Toggle play/pausek
Rewind 10 secondsj
Fast forward 10 secondsl
Previous videoP (Shift+p)
Next videoN (Shift+n)
Previous frame (while paused),
Next frame (while paused).
Decrease playback rate< (Shift+,)
Increase playback rate(Shift+.)
Increase volume 5%
Decrease volume 5%
Seek to specific point in the video (7 advances to 70% of duration)0..9
Seek to previous chapterControl + ←
Seek to next chapterControl + →

2. YouTube General Shortcuts

Go to search box/
Toggle full screenf
Toggle theater modet
Toggle miniplayeri
Close miniplayer or current dialogEscape
Toggle mutem

3. Subtitles and Closed Captions Shortcuts

If the video supports captions, toggle captions ON/OFFc
Rotate through different text opacity levelso
Rotate through different window opacity levelsw
Rotate through font sizes (increasing)+
Rotate through font sizes (decreasing)

4. YouTube Spherical Videos Shortcuts

Pan upw
Pan lefta
Pan downs
Pan rightd
Zoom in+ on numpad or ]
Zoom out– on numpad or [

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How To Use YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts?

To access the list of YouTube keyboard shortcuts, click on your profile picture and select Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard, to do this, you press SHIFT+? You can also type.

When you hover over some of the player’s buttons, you’ll see their keyboard shortcuts. For example, when you hover over the full screen icon, you will see ‘Full screen (f)’. This means that pressing f opens full screen.

Similarly, you can see the shortcut button of the YouTube video player by moving the mouse on each button. Or you Shift+? You can see all shortcuts by pressing.

To know more you can watch this video,

If you’re using a newer version of your computer, you’ll need to click the video player before you can use the keyboard shortcuts. To revert to the classic version of the computer, go to the profile picture and click Revert Classic YouTube.

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